Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween at Work!

Guts and Seeds: Pumpking Carving at the Gray House

We carved 2 pumpkins last night. A large one which, Michael took over and a smaller one which turned into mine. Remy was only excited for the first 5 miutes (he does have the attention span of his mom after all). And plus Remy was more excited to get a sugar rush from the Halloween candy I had bought earlier in the day. I found a handful of items that he could actually eat with Skittles being his favorite of the choices. He was seriously bouncing off the walls last night after eating his candy, jumping on his bed, etc. It was pretty hilarious.

Michael looking a little slimmer, so proud of his choice to eat healthier with me. 15 pounds lost 10 more to go--cutting out carbs and sugar has been a miracle weightloss helper. Although Michael is still enjoying his coke every now and then. And Michael can now hear (BETTER) he got fitted for a hearing aid yesterday and so far so good. We just have to figure out how to pay for it now, they are expensive and our insurance doesn't cover it--$2100 just for one ear.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yep--he got it!

Yep, Remington has the H1N1 flu. We took him to the emergency room Saturday night because he was running a temp of 103 and we couldn't break it. After 2 hours the doctor told us that he has the h1n1 and gave us anti-viral prescription. We are about 5 days in and Remy is doing fine, his fever has finally stopped for the time being.

After days of having his temperature taken, Remington decided he wanted to care for him Elmo. Here are a few pictures of his doctor skills. He even knows to look at it after he is done. Seriously could our child get any smarter?

Speaking of smart. Remington can sing his ABC's to the letter G. He knows just about everyone in our families name. Hearing him say Michael is priceless. And he can sing several songs with Bumble Bee, Happy Birthday and Popcorn Popping being his favorites. He also knows a variety of objects, when we are out in stores he will tell me what color things are. Considering he has a mom and dad that are home very little--he is doing well.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gosh Darn H1N1

*Warning you are about to read a venting session of an overworked mother of one, who has extreme guilt about working and having a kid--but it is what it is*

Having a child who is allergic to eggs, nuts, shellfish and asthmatic isn't very easy. I just spent over 1 1/2 hours today trying to figure out where I could get Remington vacinated for H1N1. (The shot kind is in Utah, for any moms with kids under age 2 who couldn't get the nasal spray. Big vaccination fair this weekend, check the SLC Health Department Web site for more info. PLEASE GET YOUR KID VACCINATED, since we can't at this time)

Apparently there isn't a single place in the WHOLE STATE OF UTAH that can currently give it to him because of his egg allergy--even though he meets the age guidelines to be given priority for it, he is in contact with other kids constantly (due to daycare) and all of his doctor's are encouraging him to get it because he does have asthma and is at greater risk. NOT even the allergist who gave him his normal flu shot--which he did fine with becuase he was being supervised. The health departments in Utah have the shots currently and they will not give to a egg allergy kid because of side effects and the inability to give the vaccine properly to a kid with a potential allergy. The health department expects to start distributing to pediatrician offices in the near future, but no confirmed date or at least that is what the Director of the Salt Lake County Health Deparment said. (Yep called him too!) However, the health department currently can't distribute to my allergist because of legal implications. So what's a working mom to do who can't stay at home and keep her kid safe from the germs of other sick kids? And to make it worse it seems like people who are sick don't feel the needs to stay away from others. Or at least that is my experience--a kid in his daycare was sent home yesterday for having a 104 degree temperature and is now being treated for swine flu.

My gosh Obama care, I can't even get a H1N1 vaccination given to my allergist so Remington can get it. (believe me I even offered to pick up the vaccine from the health department and take it to the allergist, and NOPE 'cause of legal issues) Seriously this is messed up, but for those of you who can get it. GET IT at least then you will be one less person who can spread it to my baby who is sitting in daycare today with a huge sign on his forehead that says "Please give me swine flu, since you were eligible to get vaccinated and didn't".

Oh the joys of being a mom and having to let your baby go out in the germy world without a protective shield. Okay I am done venting.

Friday, October 16, 2009


A few weeks ago I was getting ready and before I knew it Remington had gotten into my make-up bag. Now we all know that is a no no, because the cost of mommy's make-up is going to be a reason why Remington pays for his own college education. Ha Ha...

Anyway he had gotten into my mascara and opened it and proceeded to paint on his face. It was too cute, so i had to take a picture.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scariest Day Ever!

Monday, October 12, 2009

In Business Doing it for Ourselves!

Oh I almost forgot! Michael now has his own business. He is still working at the same place, but now he is running his own deal in addition to being the right hand man to Justin. We were excited, he sold his first car under the Michael Gray LLC last week and it is super sweet to get more than just a percentage on every car sold.

Three cheers for my hubby and his business! We wish the business much success and hopefully in the long run it will mean he can be at home more with us.

Birthdays, Pumpkins and 7 pounds

Call me crazy but 25 feels just like 24. Thursday was my birthday and I started out the day kind of bummed because I wasn't standing on the plaza in New York watching the Today Show as Michael and I had planned almost 6 months ago. Long story of why not...

However, once I arrived at work my day got a little better. I walked in to realize that my desk had been decorated by my co-workers and my sweet husband had snuck into my office and left a beautiful flower arrangement and a chocolate chocolate chip bunt cake. My coworker Spencer even made me German chocolate cupcakes--from scratch. Then later that night we went out to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant--Lugano's. We learned about this place from Vanessa and Kevin--they had their rehearsal dinner here and we had wanted to go back for some time. The night was lovely and simple--just the way I like it. Although I still missed Matt Lauer and getting to see him on my birthday--maybe next year.

Then on Saturday I took Remington to pick out a pumpkin or two. He had so much fun--for some reason he thinks pumpkins are babies. Random! Below are a few shots of our pumpkin excursion.

Once again I have embarked on a weight loss regimine. This time I am having success, I have lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks by cutting out carbs, fat and sugar. Which has also helped my horrible stomach issues, Dr. said it isn't celiac. However I still get sick whenever I eat bread, pasta, etc. I tried pasta for the first time on my birthday and I got sick before we could even get back to Michael's moms to pick up Remy. So we are thinking it is a gluten intolerance instead of full-blown celiac.

Eating at the Gray household is pretty fun: no eggs, no nuts, no shellfish and now limited gluten. However I love pasta so i don't think I could ever give it up completley. I will just have to stay close to home if and when I eat it.

Oh and here are a few shots of our house... Not nearly the whole place, but the living room on the main floor.