Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our sweet baby Jane!

Savannah Jane Gray was born April 22, 2011 weighing 8.1 and measuring 19.5 inches. She is truly the best baby, if you add up all of the times she has cried since being born it would be less than 30 minutes. She was born with a head full of dark hair and has rocked a mohawk from the beginning, it is super cute!

The morning she was to be born, we dropped Remy off at daycare and arrived at the hospital around 11. Before we did this we had to take a few belly pics with Remington.

I had an amazing nurse all to myself, Amber (if you ever give birth at Riverton Hospital, highly recommend her). I went into the birth of Savannah determined to have a natural childbirth and my nurse was on board. However, my OBGYN wasn't on board.

My nurse tried to talk the doctor into waiting to break my water, but she didn't listen and came and did it anyway. Doing this totally broke my concentration and pretty much after that point I wasn't in the right zone mentally to work through the contractions. I made it to about a 5 and then I had to get the epidural, I felt like such a failure. I think it is hard for other people to sympathize with the failure that a woman feels when she has her mind set on doing a natural childbirth and not being able to do so.

However, the epidural was wonderful once I recieved it. I wanted to go natural with this birth because I had a horrible experience with my epidural during Remington's birth. For some reason with Remington the epidural didn't take evenly in my body. I felt the whole labor on one side of my body and the other side was so numb from the doctors increasing the dosage of medicine to try to numb the side it didn't take on that I didn't get the feeling back on one side of my body for several days post delivery. For this reason I was freaked to get an epidural this time around.

This is where an awesome nurse comes into play. She held my hand and was there with me preparing me mentally every step of the way and even had the doctor talk with me about my previous experience to try and subside my fears. Normally when they administer an epidural they do not allow extra people in the room, but for some reason the doctor let Marme (Michael's mom) and Charlie (my best friend) stay in the room. He told them not to talk and not to move. Half way through the epidural Marme gets up and moves chairs. Without a wink the doctor yells "SIT DOWN". If it weren't for the huge needle being stuck in my back at the time I probably would have laughed so hard until I cried. It was such a memorable moment.

After my epidural i was so cold. Here I am all bundled up. Once the epidural took, I was in heaven. This anesthesiologist knew what he was doing and was well worth the money.

I decided I wanted Remy at the hospital for the birth. I just felt that he should be part of this experience. So he was brought to the hospital a little bit before she was born. His lovely Aunt Karen came to the hospital to sit with him in the waiting room while I delivered, but as soon as she was born he was running to see her.

Watching a video while he waited for Savannah. I swear he looked so young here and then as soon as she was born he became a little man.

When he came time to push, I pushed for at least 30 minutes until this little stinker made her appearance. And just like Remy when he was born she barely made a peep.

While I am not excited about lack of sleep. I am enjoying the experience of having a little one in our home. There was just too much craziness and moving going on when Remington was born, that I really didnt' take a chance to enjoy the moment of having a little on around. Savannah is such a blessing in our home, she already has a little personality and loves to have her brother play with her.