Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Here We Go

I wanted a way to chronicle the beginnings of our new family for everyone to keep up with whats new with us and to help us stay connected with all of you. Hopefully Liz will also chip in and contribute to this blog too, as she is more saavy with this kind of stuff, the lone owner of a Facebook/MySpace account in our household.
It is hard to believe that Liz and I have eclipsed one year in marriage, on December 16 to be exact. Things are going great. Liz is due on February 29; only about seven weeks remain, and Liz and I are scrambling to get everything ready for the baby to come. It is a boy- his name? Remington Michael Louis Gray. His middle names in honor of my father who passed away December 13, 2006. We will call him Remy for short I think. We were a little bummed a couple of weeks ago when we rented Ratatouille and found out the rat's name was Remy, but oh well.
We are excited at the outset of 2008. It is wonderful to begin anew, and to have hopes for good things to come. We have great expectations for the future, our future family, for the great country we live in and for the world as a whole. We know that life is not always easy and we have had our share of trials in the past year, but our hopes are centered in Jesus Christ and the promises and blessings of His Gospel. We wish all you a peaceful, happy and prosperous year in 2008!