Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Boys!

"Mom, I am afraid of Picki"

Picki is Remington's monster. Yes monster! For the past 2 weeks Remington has been telling Michael and I stories of his monster Picki. The story is always the same, which blows my mind that they a kid his age can remember exactly what he has already told you! I thought I would share a typical conversation with Remington when he is telling us about Picki.

Remington: Mom, I see Picki.

Mom: Where is Picki, sweetie?

Remington: He is in the grass. I'm scared.

Mom: Who is Picki and why is he in the grass?

Remington: Picki is a monster and he lives in the grass. I see him Mom!

Mom: Is Picki a nice monster or a bad monster?

Remington: Bad monster, I'm scared.

Mom: What does Picki say that scares you?

Remington: He goes "grrrr"

Mom: Wow that doesn't sound too good. What does Picki look like?

Remington: He's red

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saw these and it made me think of home!

Remington exloring the soft drinks hidden under Grandma Hawkin's bar.

My handsome nephew David Gray Hawkins! Yep, my brother liked my last name so much he named his son after us.

The best macaroni and cheese maker in the world!

Buckaroo Turns 2

Remington turned 2 a week ago! I know I am so late to the game posting photos of the fun occasion, but here they are--well at least some of them! I still do not have a good photo of the cake, Charlie took that photo and I haven't been able to get it from her yet.

Details of the party: Invitations were handmade, but I bought them from a lady in the midwest. Being a full-time working mom you do not always have the time to do everything you want to do yourself. Sometimes you just have to pull out your credit card and get someone else to do them. Thanks Diane for great invitations and party favor bags.

Remington's cake was made from scratch. Every single last morsel of it. I practiced for about 1 1/2 months prior to his birthday to make an egg-free cake that was delicious. Seriously we had some gross cakes. But the final cake turned out perfect and moist. I even bought $60 worth of professional baking pans to make sure everything was perfect. Seriously I am a sucker for my little boy. FYI--you can totally tell a difference in cheap walmart pans and professional pans. Cheap Walmart pans always make my cakes stick, these expensive pans had the cake come out perfect. The creation of Remington's cake took almost 1 1/2 days, I started on Friday night and didn't get done until a little bit before the party started on Sunday.

Remington cuddling with his cousin Eden. Eden is so gorgeous she has be best smile and Remington is just obsessed with her. From the very beginning he has thought the world of her.

Studying the present he just recieved from Grandma and Grandpa Erb and his auntie's. They gave him this great coloring set with super cool crayons. He loves it--thanks so much!

The handsome Remington in his new spring outfit.

Remington and his Dad playing with his new toys.

Remington loves Spiderman--so the Erb's wrapped his gift in Spiderman paper. The day before the party, Remington was over at the Erb's and he found his wrapping paper and you should have seen how excited his was for the wrapping paper. He was running around the house just in love! Next year I suggest we just buy him a tube of wrapping paper.

We just love this little man! So darn cute and just growing up so fast.

Blowing out his candles. The top part of his delicious egg-free cake. Seriously this egg-free baking is not so bad now that i have foung my magic egg-free baking ingredient of choice. Thanks Grandma Melva for helping us figure it out.

Aunt Charlie and Mom singing Happy Birthday to Remington. Charlie came over the day before to help me with the cake and cleaning up. It is so nice to have such a great friend who is always there for you. Especially since Michael is always at work or school--it can be hard to get everything done.

Look how skinny my arm is--we were watching a video that was taken at his last birthday before the party and seriously my arm used to be twice this big.
Remington also recieved lots of other great goodies for his birthday--he was seriously spoiled.
1. Nona and Poppy sent a Thomas the Train set.
2. Marme and Dave gave Remington a train table.
3. Grandma Hawkins sent a wonderful card and some money that went into Remington's savings account.
4. Grandma Aldridge sent a handmade card and money for Remington's savings account.
5. The Mecham's gave Remington a Handy Manny toolbox. He loves the saw.
6. The Ewell's gave Remington an outfit and some books which now live in our car because he loves them.
7. Daniella gave Remington her stuffed monkey. So stinkin sweet of her.
8. Irene and family brought Remington spiderman swim trunks. I can't wait for him to use them.
9. Cousin Zoe and family gave Remington a lego Thomas the Train set with a carnival theme. The morning after his party he woke up and saw this toy and said "WOW, Mommy--look."
10. Cousin Leslie sent Remington a gorgeous blue polo shirt and a tractor. She said he needed to keep a little John Deere in him. So sweet of her to think of our little one.
If I have forgotten someone I am so sorry. I hope I haven't! Seriously thank you so much for celebrating Remington's birthday with us.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Remington Michael Louis Gray