Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Celebrating 100 Years!

Remington and I just returned from a week long vacation in North Carolina. We went out for my grandfather's 100th birthday party.

Those of you interested can hear all about his good ole' life tomorrow morning on NBC's The Today Show. Williard Scott will be wishing my grandpa a happy birthday sometime between 7:00-9:00 am. Set your TiVo and hear all about my grandpa.

Also Curry is up for Dickie's hardest worker of the year.

I think you can still vote for him, so go and see... Curry Phillip Aldridge, Burlington North Carolina.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our New Home!

I am so excited. In fact I have had a hard time even managing to work today because I am just so excited. Michael and I are getting a home, no we aren't buying. But we are renting a nice town home in South Jordan. We get to stay in the same ward (woo hoo we may even make it to the 1 year mark in the same ward). Our first 2 1/2 years of marriage we have had 5 wards.

It turns out the house we inquired about renting is my visiting teachers home. They just bought a new home and haven't been able to sell their own. Pictures are below. It has 3 bedrooms, 4 baths and a full walk-out basement. Anyone want to come have a slumber party with me? We are moving in mid-August. Yippee


Kitchen/dinning room

Living room


Sunday, July 12, 2009

At the Utah Symphony--eating chips under the stars
Remington is going through a faze where he is attached to his stuff animals. Yesterday he even pulled one into the bathtub with him for a swim

Remington became friends with a minature poodle

4th of July in the park

Eating cookie dough for the first time--EGG free!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Brawl!

So the 4th of July couldn't happen without a little bit of a brawl. That's right ladies the Gray girls got into a little altercation at the Sandy 4th of July Celebration. And no we weren't fighting each other! Michael and I along with Remington and then Stephanie, Grayson, Nate and Emilee all went to the Sandy fireworks on the 4th. We were minding our own business sitting on our blankets when all of a sudden I got hit in the eye with a football. It took me a second to realize what had happen as i am used to flying object since I am the proud mother of a 16 month old who thinks hitting is a nice thing to do.

So once I realized that i got hit with a ball, Emilee throws it back to the folks that hit me. The little girl that threw it with a little bit of hesitation finally said sorry. Which was fine--It wasn't like I was going to get angry at a little 8 year old. However, the adult that was with her proceeded to tell the little girl (OUT LOUD SO I COULD HEAR) that it wasn't a big deal she had hit me because it didn't hurt. Which put me into major witch mode--because it actually did hurt it hit me in the eye and my eye was blurry for at least 30 minutes afterwards. So I responded back, and said that it actually did hurt and I would be willing to throw the ball in their face so they could try it out since he didn't think it hurt me. And here comes the eruption--the guy proceeds to yell at me and tell me that I am over reacting. Which puts about to pop pregnant Stephanie into defense mode and Emilee too, so they start yelling at the guy with me. (it was a pretty good scene to watch) Then the guys wife (I think) gets into it and proceeds to tell us that she is blown away at the way we reacted to a little girl hitting me. And I wanted to proceed to stuff her fake boobs down her throat since I wasn't mad or upset at the little girl EVER! My discontent came when the dork she married said what he said. So once I realized that I was dealing with a complete jerk, I just shut my mouth and let Emilee and Stephanie yell at him.

And to top it all off in the end I felt like crying because I couldn't believe an adult would end up yelling at someone who his niece or child or whoever she was just hit. When I didn't do anything but tell him that it actually did hurt and I didn't think it was appropriate to say otherwise. The girl that was with him even caught Emilee's eye and made the most annoying face and waved at her. As to say we won.

I can't believe the nerve of some people. I know that if Michael would have been there when it happened he would have defended me. He was so annoyed when I told him what had happened.