Friday, April 2, 2010

Do they come any better than this?

We are so in love with our little boy! These pictures were taken by my friend Channing a few weeks ago. Channing is 7 months pregnant--what a trooper to still come out and take photos of our little man.
Remington being 2 is going to be so much fun for us this year. His personality is unforgetable and he is starting to get smarter than his mom and dad. Once he gets potty trained we will put him in Challenger, a private pre-school that is known for its excellent academics. I believe his cousin Zoe is going to start there soon as well. The other night Remington started counting to 10 in spanish--just out of the blue! Michael is trying to teach him to count in Thai.
We love our little boy who is surely going to be a man before we know it! I just hope he doesn't grow up too fast because that will mean I will have to have another baby!