Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Remington's 3rd birthday!

First off I have to thank my best friend Emilee for helping me with Remington's party, she is always so willing to help with everything. Love her!

This morning we had Remington's 3rd birthday party at the Discovery Gateway in downtown Salt Lake. The theme was all about super heros, Remington loves all of them so we didn't narrow it down to a specific super! Below is a picture of his party invite, I designed the invitation in a design software and then had them printed and mounted on crushed curry cardstock. (Love that name!)For party favors I purchased yellow bag and cut them down to be kid size. They were filled with kid friendly snacks like fruit leather, cookies, nutrigrain bars and play dough. To finish off the bag I embellished with red tissue paper and then created a tag using the same images found on the birthday party invite.

I also embellished party hats to match. Although Remington insisted that we remove the string from his hat. Apparently he had a bad experience at a previous birthday party where the string on the party hat hit him in the nose, so he anti party hats with strings.

The highlight of Remington's party was the birthday cake! Egg-free and delicious. Keeping with the party theme I had Chan Cakes create a 3D super hero cake that reflected the characters featured on the front of Remington's invitations. We added a couple of personal touches such as hair and eye color to match Remington as well as the cake even had a cowlick. The cape on the back of the superhero also matched a personalized cape I had created for Remington as a birthday gift.
Since I am about to give birth, it was so nice to have the party at a place that took care of the entertaining. We had two wonderful employees that were dressed as superheroes entertain the kids with activities such as making a superhero mask and superhero training. They even cut the cake and served it, what more could a person want! The kids enjoyed getting to run around and play pretend--isn't creativity and imagination such a wonderful thing! Remington loved his party, he has asked if we can do it again.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our little man's 3rd birthday. We truly are blessed to get to be in the presence of such a gift from God. Once again Remington was spoiled rotten with so many gifts. Thank You!