Saturday, August 23, 2008

Giggles, Smiles and Babbling!


Remy talks about his bandage: If I look like this, you should see the other guy!

Remington is becoming a little man every day. His personality is starting to show and from what I can tell he is so freakin perfect. Above are some photos of Remy eating sweet potatos, sitting in his Bumbo and showing off his war marks. Don't worry he is fine--we just put a band-aid on his face because he has issues scratching his face while sleeping. I think the scratching calms him down and he doesn't realize he is messing up his face.

Friday, August 8, 2008

One of Those Star Struck Moments

Guess who I just exchanged emails with? I will give you a few guesses: she is beautiful, she is famous and she previously was the host of Good Morning America and was actually the longest running co-host on early morning television.

So do you have a guess yet? I didn't make it very hard.

The answer: Joan Lunden

I think I might frame the email, just for fun!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Missing in Action

A lot has happened since our last post:

1. Sold our house--That baby is someone else's prize possession now!
2. Moved into a basement apartment. Still looking for our dream home.
3. Remy has started eating mashed up green beans and peas. He is so funny. Whenever he wants more he pounds his hands on his seat.
4. Remy has started meowing like a cat.
5. Reagan got engaged and got a freakin' 2 carat. We will be going to NC in January for the blessed occassion.
6. Grandma Mae Dean misses Remy--she is requesting shared visitation rights.
7. Emma came home from Canada (We are so glad she is back. And she is just a breath of fresh air!)
8. I got a promotion at work. No pay increase--they blame it on lack of budget.
9. Michael got offered another job running a car dealership w/ a guy who his previous employeer was business partners with. Michael doesn't want to do it full-time, so we will see what happens there.
10. At work we are doing a flex-schedule, so I have every Monday off. It is a fabulous day!