Monday, March 30, 2009

On a Happy Note!

I almost forgot, which is rare since I have an exceptional memory! Remington is venturing into the world of walking. This past weekend he took about 50-75 steps total, which was awesome. He is so cute!

In like a lion... Hopefully out like a lamb...

Wow the saying Spring comes in like a lion and out like a lamb has never had more signifigance in my life until this year. The month of March has been one heck of a month and can I tell you the lion is roaring at me it seems like.

The month started off with Remington's 1st birthday (see pictures and post below) it was a wonderful occassion, but unfortunatly very sad for me because my mother didn't get to attend due to issue at home. Exactly a week after Remington's birthday his Aunt Jill passed away from cancer. We had found out exactly two weeks prior that the doctors had given up hope that the treatments would work, thus my mom not coming out for the party. Two days after she passed away, Remington and I headed back East to be with family and help out with David (Jill's 1 1/2 yr. old son). During the trip Remington came down with an ear infection and so did David, David's was worse he also had a ruptured ear drum on top of the infection. And I came down with a sinus infection. Oh the joys of motherhood! After a week in North Carolina I came back to Utah and went back to work only to find out that the company announced that layoffs will occur by mid-April. Still no word on if I will be one of them.

Needless to say the month of March has been one heck of a month, it seems like there has been one bad thing after another. And I don't mention this for you to feel sorry for us--I mention this because I know alot of other people are having just as terrible of a time. This is why I pray that the rest of spring is a little more mellow and hopefully not as stressful!

I will post photos of NC once I get them from Dustin, he has an awesome camera and of course I had to play with it while I was there. But on the otherhand it was way to advanced for me to figure out how to get the images off of it! :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Swinging Into Toddlerville! Remington's 1st Birthday...

A year ago yesterday our little monkey made his grand apperance. It is hard to believe that a year has gone by already. Just for memory sake and the fact that this blog is going to one day become a journal for Remington, I thought I would recount some of the exciting, heartbreaking, stressful, glorious, suspenseful moments that have occured in his life this past year.

1. Remington you are super good at packing up your bottles and stuffed animals. In your first year of life you have had 5 different homes. That's right you move 5 times in 365 days and let me tell you it wasn't that fun but we did it and now it is something funny to look back on.
2. You stayed in your first hotel room when you were less than a week old, good ole' Boise!

3. You could hold your bottle when you were 3 months old, Mr. Independent!
4. Your favorite TV show is Wonder Pets, you watch it every morning after your bath.
5. You will poop all the way up your back just so you can take a bath. The excitement in your eyes when you know you have accomplished this disqusting task is priceless. I hope one day you realize that you can just keep the poop in your diaper and bath time will still happen at least once a day as planned.
6. Mr. Blue Eyes should be your nickname because you have amazing blue eyes just like your daddy. I thought they would end up turning brown, but NOPE--daddy won!
7. In the last few months you have started to sing, anytime we are in the car or you are playing by yourself you start to hum and it is adorable. But just like your mom you get shy when you realize someone is watching.
8. One day you may end up being a model. From day one you have loved to get your picture taken and of course you have to look at every shot to make sure you like it. You will fuss until we turn it for you to see. Good thing we have digital cameras, I do not know what we would do it everything was still done on film.
9. I know every mother and father thinks their kid is a genius. But Remington you truly are a smart little one, I hope you never loose your thirst for knowledge and your inquisitive nature. Even though most books say kids will start picking up sign language shortly after their first birthday--you have been kicking our trash with these skills since about 10 months. Bottles and more those are your favorites.
10. You will not sit still in church for a million dollars. Church is like a three ring circus these days with your daddy and I worn out by the end. I need to invest in flats for church because heels and a 30 pound kid do not work very well together.
11. By your 1st birthday you had two bottom and two top teeth and they are sharper than a razor. It is fun for you to bite daddy's butt as he lays on he stomach. Gross...
As you look through the photos you will notice my mom isn't in any of them. Unfortunatly she didn't get to come. We had planned for her to be with us, but my sister-in-law Jill (Kent's wife-oldest bro) is very sick and it just wasn't a good time to leave home and travel 3000 miles. But my mom was with us in spirit.
Marmelade and Remington along w/ his new monkey.

Grandpa Erb and Remington (This is Emilee Erb's dad and Remy's adopted grandpa)

Remington and Grayson(Stephanie's son) checking out the new Tonka truck given to Remington by the Erb's.

Jaw dropping gorgeous Zoey (step-sister Brandi's daughter)
Michael, Remington and Kenneth (my father)

My best friend in the whole wide world--Aunt Charlie (Emilee Erb) and Grayson

Cowboy Remington and his horse.

Sugar and messes--my favorite!

I will post more pictures when I have time.