Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Card Photo

It is Christmas card time--which means that I need your address. If I list your name below, please text me your address or you may not get one of my world famous HANDMADE Christmas cards.

Address Needed:

Amanda Jolley

David & Jana Corless


Paul Risenmay (I want your mom's address)

Seriously I spent approx. 24 hours making these cards. I guess I felt the urge to make them since I work for a craft company that promotes giving handmade. However, I told Michael that he is in charge of the cards next year. Which will either mean we do not send cards or they are purchased from Wal-Mart. Ha Ha

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Photos

I am totally in love with my latest purchase. Remington had his photos taken over Thanksgiving break by a buddy of mine Casey Hyer. If you click on his name and go to client login enter the word "liz" you can view all of the unedited photos. Please do not judge my fatness--still struggling to loose the baby weight even 9 months later.

He edited a few and I wanted to share them with you. I think you will agree that Remington is going to be a hot commodity when he gets older with all of the ladies.