Monday, March 31, 2008

1 Month Older and Wiser Too!

He is so good at holding his passy... Nobody gets between him and his passy...
Remy is a mellow bather--One leg out and loving it!
Chillin' watching tv with Dad!
Okay he has had enough partying for his 1 month birthday! See you next month...

Boise or Bust!

Top 7 Reasons Why I Hate Boise:

1. Water smells like rotten eggs roasting in the sun!
2. My house is so small I am living out of a box of clothes.
3. I have to take a shower with my nose plugged to prevent vomitting from the rotten egg smell. (You may think this is a repeat of #1, but trust me it is bad enough to be in two spots)
4. We have no friends.
5. I have no clue where anything is at.
6. We do not have cable tv so I am totally missing my shows: The Hills, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Law & Order and of course Paula Dean and the Food Network Crew.
7. I can't fit my king size bed in my apartment, so I am sleeping on a full. (My butt is way too big)

Top 7 Reasons Why I Like Boise:

1. In one Sunday at church we had more people talk to us than in the whole year we lived in Lehi.
2. The downtown is awesome with lots of cute shops. (If only I could find the downtown)
3. Everyone walks here, so hopefullyI will find a walking buddy and loose my baby fat!
4. The Wal-Mart is never crowded. EVEN on a SATURDAY!
5. People are really nice! (Even at the Wal-Mart)
6. No freeway driving to get to most places.
7. $3 car wash (I love washing my car)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Baby Is Fatter Than Your Baby!

Remington is seriously the new love in my life... Between poopy diapers, early morning feedings and cleaning up after the other man in my life--I have seriously fallen in love with this minature version of Michael. (Every ounce of this little man looks just like his dad, I am sure that throwing up for 6 months will give Remy something that resembles me--it just hasn't appeared yet)

I knew I would love this little man, but I never thought it would bring me so much fulfillment to just see him smile or hear him 'coo'! (That's right he is already cooing and can hold his head up during tummy time for about 15-20 seconds... If that isn't the mark of a future presidental candidate I don't know what is)... He is even gaining weight at an excellent rate.. When he was born he weighted 7.65 and then he dropped to 7.1 in the hospital, but within 7 days after his birth he was already at 8.7! My baby is fatter than your baby---yippee! I am so excited to see him growing and learning how to move about!

Check out my fat baby--

Is that a fox or a really sassy cat?

Last week Michael and I went on a road trip to Boise, Idaho for a few days! (I know what you are thinking, you have a 1 week old baby... And yes all of the truck stops along the way can now say they have seen my boob feeding a child) Anyway, we went to Boise to see the new car lot! For those of you who don't know, Michael is starting up/managing a car dealership in Boise any day now... (If those darn state department people will ever get finished with the darn paper work--bureaucracy) Which means Michael and I will be doing the long distance thing a few days a week. Thank goodness for good Marmalades (grandma's)!

So anyway, we were in Boise and we were driving around the ritsy downtown area when we saw what Michael thought was a FOX! yes that is right a fox---chillin in this dudes driveway that we had spoken with earlier in the day. Michael swears it is a fox... I am a little skeptical, I think it just looks like a sassy cat that I would never want to be left alone with after dark (actually never left alone with)!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Waiting On The World To Change...

Waiting--that has been the topic of discussion the last 9 months as we waited anxiously for our little boys arrival. And before we knew it we were counting down the hours until this little miracle made his appearance in the world. On February 29th Michael and I arrived at Alta View Hopsital so that I could have labor induced. And you know it I couldn't even take contractions for 2 hours before I caved and said "BRING ME THE DRUGS"! The worst part was that the doctor had to play around for awhile before he got the needle in the right spot! Holy Hannah it hurt as he got it into position, but I do not think it makes it any better that during the procedure Michael walks in (he had left for lunch--lucky guy) and sees the doctor inserting a long needle in my back and he freaks out! So of course I start crying because if he is looking at what they are doing and he is freaking out, I am for sure going to freak out!

Downsides of the epidural--it only took the pain away on one side of my body! So I bascially experienced a downgraded version of natural labor but only on the left side of my body!
The nurses and everyone were so nice and helpful. My first nurse Elaine cracked me up--the anestisologist got mad because she allowed me to take my blood pressure cuff off after every reading and he didn't want her to do that. So they got in a little argument and she called him a dork behind his back! Oh I loved Elaine! Then I had two nurses for the night shift one was a swearing farm girl and the other was a molly mormon nursing student at BYU! They balanced each other out very nicely! One would swear and the other would pray--it is truly the best of two worlds! However, the BYU nursing student got on my nerves before it was all said and done. I was in so much pain and I couldn't reach the button to push out more medicine, so i asked her to do it for me. I asked SEVERAL times and finally she turns and says "Oh you want me to push the medicine button?" Oh my gosh, if I could have reached her I would have slapped her! No joke, I was so mad. So then I told Michael to get rid of her and get me a new nurse, which of course he wouldn't do becuase he is the nicest guy on the planet and didn't want to hurt her feelings. So the whole time I am in labor pushing my beautiful child into the world, I am shooting michael evil looks because I was so annoyed the nursing student was still in my delivery room! And she couldn't even hold my legs right while I was pushing, i finally told her that she was wasting my pushing with the way she was holding my legs. I probably made her cry, but come on you have to be tough especially when a lady has been in labor for 14 hours!

Little Remy entered the world at 1:55 am on March 1, 2008. He weighed 7.65 pounds, 20.5 inches long and had a head the size of a small melon!(It has since become smaller)
He hardly cried and still hardly cries. His favorite past times are sleeping, eating and magically getting his hands out of all of his outfits and blankets. He is my little magician!
So now that he is here, our world has for sure changed! But changed for the better!

Welcome to the world my little man!