Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Naming our boy!

A lot of people have asked how we came up with the name Remington, since it isn't the typical name that a lot of people use. From the very beginning we had named our child Savannah Jane--that was until we found out it didn't have girl parts. So then I was completely without a clue on what to name the little man, so I told Michael that it would be his choice. I still can't believe I gave up that serious of a choice to Michael, but I did. We knew that our son's name had to honor Michael's father, since we had a conversation w/ his sister after his dad died where we all agreed that Michael would be the one to name his son after his dad.

I didn't want to name another person in the family Michael (as their first name), so I left it up to my husbands sport fanatic ways to name our child. Michael loves football and several years ago there was a player in Michigan whose name was Remington--Michael loved it. It took a few weeks to get me used to the idea, but shortly thereafter I was sold on the name as well. Now onto the middle name, since the first name didn't honor his dad. Since Michael has 2 middle names "Christopher Carl" we decided we would make it a tradition and have Remington have two middle names--solution to our honoring Michael's dad. We gave Remington his grandfathers name as his middle name. So there you have it--Remington Michael Louis Gray. A long name, but one that is for sure going to make a statement one day.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Note From Daycare

On Friday's Remington attends daycare. This gives him a chance to interact with other kids his age and even hang out with his older cousin Zoe (Brandi's daughter). I had to take a picture of the name tag the daycare created to put on his jacket so they knew whose it was. Remigton--I guess that is how you spell my sons name. You would think that payment for their care would be enough to get them to spell his name right. Regardless this is a photo to keep for ever.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Love Palin!

I admit I was a little dismayed when John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running-mate. However, after hearing her speak last night at the GOP Convention all I gotta say is "she is one tough cookie."

I love her stand on: energy and being an advocate for special needs kids. She is truly a smart lady who I think will inspire women from all walks of life regardless of their political preference.

I am sad it wasn't Mitt Romney up there accepting the Vice President spot, but if I had to pick a 2nd favorite Sarah Palin is getting my vote!

Oh and did you see the cute daughter of her's--Pipper--licking down her little baby brother's hair during the speech? So freakin cute!