Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just a reminder, I'm still allergic.

This past week Michael and I took Remington to his allergist for a regular check-up to see if anything had changed with his nut and egg allergies. The doctor told us about a new treatment they are doing on people with allergies to try to reverse the allergy. However, Remington's are too severe to try to do this treatment. Remington is almost guaranteed to have a reaction when given nuts or eggs. His levels are almost off the charts for both meaning that the reaction is potentially life threatening.

The doctor reminded us that we have to be dilligent in keeping Remington away from all nuts and eggs. The doctor has counseled us to not bring Remington into environments where nuts and eggs are served. I know Michael and I have relaxed ourselves a little bit about this rule, but going to the doctor was a strong reinforcement for me. We are asking our friends and family to please be more aware that Remington is seriously allergic to several food items. If Remington is in your home please do not serve food with eggs and nuts while he is there. There is too great of a risk for cross contamination, especially with other children in the mix who go lick the same toys or share a sippy and may have eaten something Remington is allergic to. Luckily we haven't had any severe issues, but there have been instances where we have had to give Remington benadryl to try and prevent a reaction due to contact with food he is allergic to in other peoples homes.

We love our Remington and we know that our friends and family do as well. Please join us in making play dates, dinner parties, sleepovers, etc. more enjoyable for everyone by not serving food that has come in contact w/ egg and nuts. Once Remington is older and he can manage food himself, we may not have to ask this of our friends and family. But until Remington understands the importance of not putting things from the floor in his mouth, nor licking toys or sharing sippy cups this needs to be the new norm. Thank you so much in advance for helping Michael and I keep our sweet pea safe.