Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Daddy's Got a New Job

Many of you know that life in the Gray household has been less than a lazy Sunday afternoon for the past few months. And no it isn't because of Remy--he is an angel! It has been because of Michael's work situation. For the past three years Michael has worked for a car dealership and had been working towards opening up another dealership in Boise sometime in 2008. Well we moved ourselves up there and got started on everything only to realize that being business partners with the original dealership owner was like making a deal with the devil. Promises were broken, deliverables not delivered and support was lacking. So we lost alot of our money in this big move for our family and careers, but after about 2 months of not being able to have team work from Ben--we had to call it quits and do what was best for our family. Lucikly I hadn't quit my job during the move (I will still on maternity leave), so I moved back to Utah and went back to my job. And Michael just started a new job as a restaurant consultant--you know how we love food. So far this new job seems like a new challenge and great opportunity for us. I am not sure the specifics of Michael's new job, but all I know is their company has amazing deals on some of the best restaurants around. The Utah restaurant pool is still filling up--thanks to Micael, but other states have some great options available. So check out the Web site and support my hubby and make sure to check back often 'cause you never know when you favorite spot will be added.

Oh and even more fun--Michael's sister Stephanie is going to be his assistant so they will be working together which is great for Michael to have a talented person on his team.

There is a logo on the right side of our site, click on it and you will be taken to the corporate Web site. Happy Eating!


JON & EM said...

Wow I am obviously so behind on your life!! We need to chat apparently. Well congrats on the new job and it sounds like it will be really fun!!

Garrett and Jessica said...

Hi Grays-
I am so glad I found your blog. Garrett and I have been dying to see Remy. He is Darling!! We are glad you guys are back. We'll have to get together soon.