Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Photos

Summer Vacation 2010: East Coast

Mr. Intimidator

Remington and David (cousin) driving around the farm!

The best transportation--golf cart!

I took this photo simply for Michael's mom and aunt--Look at the HUGE mate!

Worn out--no question!

Our nation's capitol-on a humid August afternoon.

The White House!

The Gray's!

Mr. Gray in front of Obama's house.

The Treasury!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Say it isn't so--another summer coming to a close!

It is hard to believe summer is almost gone. And for the Gray family it didn't really begin until the last week of July when Michael got a 3 week break from grad school! (1 more year baby!) So we packed up the kiddo and headed East for 10 days of no cell phone service and internet connection that seriously is slower than a turle in a 5k. Which means that life turns a little slower and reality tv transforms from Bravo to sitting on the front porch watching your neighbors.

One thing that was a little bit faster pace was Remington and his excursions on the battery operated truck. I have a video of it, but blogger is being a loser right now and won't load it.

While in North Carolina Michael and I went on a couple of adventures: 1) Raleigh, where we explored the State Capitol building--also known as Michael didn't believe it was that small. 2) Road trip to Washingon, D.C. where we got to stay in the Ritz Carlton (AMAZING) and have a little adult time because Remington stayed with Grandma Melva. 3)Carowinds was a fun day trip too. We went with two of my brothers and my brothers fiance and her family. I have no an ounce of adventure in my body, but Michael and my brothers acted like teenagers again and rode almost every ride there. 4)Homemade ice cream at Myra's house--this stuff is my favorite and one of the reasons I wanted to come home during the summer. 5)Hot dogs--now you can get hot dogs anywhere but there is nothing like a Carolina Dog at the end of a hot and humid day. Thanks to Dad/Bonnie and Grandma Hawkins! 6)Rascoe-Dameron Road Country Club also known as Vernon and Brenda's pool was a favorite of mine while we were there too. 7)Watching my 101 year old Grandpa on his tractor mowing--we call it bush hoggin! 8) Riding the golf cart as our mode of transportation. 9) Hanging out at Leslie's house because she has ESPN and Diet Dr. Pepper--not to mention she is so much fun and Remington is in love with her. 10) Getting pedicures multiple times from my cousin Kalynn (I am not sure if you spell her name that way or not).

Overall it was a great vacation. And fun to spend time with the family that we hardly ever see.