Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our sweet baby Jane!

Savannah Jane Gray was born April 22, 2011 weighing 8.1 and measuring 19.5 inches. She is truly the best baby, if you add up all of the times she has cried since being born it would be less than 30 minutes. She was born with a head full of dark hair and has rocked a mohawk from the beginning, it is super cute!

The morning she was to be born, we dropped Remy off at daycare and arrived at the hospital around 11. Before we did this we had to take a few belly pics with Remington.

I had an amazing nurse all to myself, Amber (if you ever give birth at Riverton Hospital, highly recommend her). I went into the birth of Savannah determined to have a natural childbirth and my nurse was on board. However, my OBGYN wasn't on board.

My nurse tried to talk the doctor into waiting to break my water, but she didn't listen and came and did it anyway. Doing this totally broke my concentration and pretty much after that point I wasn't in the right zone mentally to work through the contractions. I made it to about a 5 and then I had to get the epidural, I felt like such a failure. I think it is hard for other people to sympathize with the failure that a woman feels when she has her mind set on doing a natural childbirth and not being able to do so.

However, the epidural was wonderful once I recieved it. I wanted to go natural with this birth because I had a horrible experience with my epidural during Remington's birth. For some reason with Remington the epidural didn't take evenly in my body. I felt the whole labor on one side of my body and the other side was so numb from the doctors increasing the dosage of medicine to try to numb the side it didn't take on that I didn't get the feeling back on one side of my body for several days post delivery. For this reason I was freaked to get an epidural this time around.

This is where an awesome nurse comes into play. She held my hand and was there with me preparing me mentally every step of the way and even had the doctor talk with me about my previous experience to try and subside my fears. Normally when they administer an epidural they do not allow extra people in the room, but for some reason the doctor let Marme (Michael's mom) and Charlie (my best friend) stay in the room. He told them not to talk and not to move. Half way through the epidural Marme gets up and moves chairs. Without a wink the doctor yells "SIT DOWN". If it weren't for the huge needle being stuck in my back at the time I probably would have laughed so hard until I cried. It was such a memorable moment.

After my epidural i was so cold. Here I am all bundled up. Once the epidural took, I was in heaven. This anesthesiologist knew what he was doing and was well worth the money.

I decided I wanted Remy at the hospital for the birth. I just felt that he should be part of this experience. So he was brought to the hospital a little bit before she was born. His lovely Aunt Karen came to the hospital to sit with him in the waiting room while I delivered, but as soon as she was born he was running to see her.

Watching a video while he waited for Savannah. I swear he looked so young here and then as soon as she was born he became a little man.

When he came time to push, I pushed for at least 30 minutes until this little stinker made her appearance. And just like Remy when he was born she barely made a peep.

While I am not excited about lack of sleep. I am enjoying the experience of having a little one in our home. There was just too much craziness and moving going on when Remington was born, that I really didnt' take a chance to enjoy the moment of having a little on around. Savannah is such a blessing in our home, she already has a little personality and loves to have her brother play with her.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Remington's 3rd birthday!

First off I have to thank my best friend Emilee for helping me with Remington's party, she is always so willing to help with everything. Love her!

This morning we had Remington's 3rd birthday party at the Discovery Gateway in downtown Salt Lake. The theme was all about super heros, Remington loves all of them so we didn't narrow it down to a specific super! Below is a picture of his party invite, I designed the invitation in a design software and then had them printed and mounted on crushed curry cardstock. (Love that name!)For party favors I purchased yellow bag and cut them down to be kid size. They were filled with kid friendly snacks like fruit leather, cookies, nutrigrain bars and play dough. To finish off the bag I embellished with red tissue paper and then created a tag using the same images found on the birthday party invite.

I also embellished party hats to match. Although Remington insisted that we remove the string from his hat. Apparently he had a bad experience at a previous birthday party where the string on the party hat hit him in the nose, so he anti party hats with strings.

The highlight of Remington's party was the birthday cake! Egg-free and delicious. Keeping with the party theme I had Chan Cakes create a 3D super hero cake that reflected the characters featured on the front of Remington's invitations. We added a couple of personal touches such as hair and eye color to match Remington as well as the cake even had a cowlick. The cape on the back of the superhero also matched a personalized cape I had created for Remington as a birthday gift.
Since I am about to give birth, it was so nice to have the party at a place that took care of the entertaining. We had two wonderful employees that were dressed as superheroes entertain the kids with activities such as making a superhero mask and superhero training. They even cut the cake and served it, what more could a person want! The kids enjoyed getting to run around and play pretend--isn't creativity and imagination such a wonderful thing! Remington loved his party, he has asked if we can do it again.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our little man's 3rd birthday. We truly are blessed to get to be in the presence of such a gift from God. Once again Remington was spoiled rotten with so many gifts. Thank You!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Last Eight Months

I looked at the blog and realized that we haven't posted anything in almost eight months. The honest truth, I forgot the password to login and was too lazy to recover it. More honest is that from the middle of August until the middle of December I was throwing up multiple times a day, raising a two year old practically by myself while Michael managed running his business and his course work for the MBA program at the University of Utah, and I worked at least 45-50 hours a week outside of the home. Needless to say the last eight months have been hectic, there have been many times when tears were shed. I think both Michael and I are looking forward to this Summer when some of the things we have had going on will have calmed down.

Baby #2

If you haven't heard, Michael and I are expecting our second child the end of April. We couldn't be happier. We found out in early October that we were having a girl. We are planning to name her Savannah Jane. We gave Remington the big boy job of picking the name--Savannah Jane or Isabella Grace. I am so glad he picked Savannah, it has been a name I have loved since I was a little girl. Turns out Remington also has a little girl in his class at school with the name Savannah and the teacher says that they are boyfriend/girlfriend. (Maybe that is why he picked the name.)

Going into this pregancy Michael was extremely optimistic that I wouldn't be sick and that it would be easy. I was a little more hesitant knowing what I went through with Remington's pregnancy. Needless to say this pregnancy hasn't been a walk in the park. Almost immediately after we found out that I was expecting the throwing up began. And when I say throwing up I don't mean once a day or once a week. I mean every day and multiple times a day. I hardly ate and lost weight. I tried three different types of medication to ease the nausea, nothing really relieved it. Even zofran (the medication they give to chemo patients to relieve nausea) didn't really work, in fact it caused other health problems. Imagine not being able to have a poop for 16 days!

Through it all the one constant companion by my side was Remington. He may only be two--but he is filled with compassion, love and a tender spirit. I can't begin to tell you the amount of times he would stand by my side as I hugged the toliet or he would lay on the floor with me when I was too weak to walk from the bathroom back to the bedroom. Most two year old kids would run the other way and go destroy the house, but not Remington. He is such a blessing in our life. What an amazing opportunity the Lord has given Michael and I to learn from watching our little boy.

Innovative Motors

This past summer the dealership that Michael is partners with moved to a new location in Lindon. The location is a lot bigger and looks like a log cabin. Michael's business has been doing really well in this new location and we are so blessed that he works with amazing people. We are thankful for the individuals who have helped make this goal of Michael's a reality. While Michael has only been in business for himself for a little over a year, we see great potential in this business venture and we are looking forward to the future.

Michael already has found a little helper in Remington who loves to go to work with him. What a wonderful opportunity being an entrepreneur provides for our family. Unlike a traditional 9-5 job, Michael is able to have Remington come visit often and learn a good work ethic.

Cleaning Lady

Please do not be jealous or judge us, but Michael and I have a cleaning lady. With our busy schedules it got to the point this Fall where either we were going to live in mold or we had to find someone to help clean. Can I tell you that it is the best investment we have made. Coming home to a clean house is one of the best feelings in the world.

Girl's Trip to Vegas

In September, I spent a few days in Vegas with my girlfriends from college. Vanessa Rozo Jackson, Emily Jones Rusch and Amanda Gleaves Jolly were all able to take a break from their busy schedules and make the trip. We stayed at the MGM Grand, saw Cirque Du Soleil, shopped, went to a wax museum and laid by the pool. Downside of the trip was nausea--I didn't feel good the whole trip, so I felt like the party pooper. It was fun to be around my college roomies again. It is amazing that even though we have our seperate lives and we do not talk on the phone for hours like we used to that we are able to fall back into sync the minute we see each other. You know you have lifelong friends when distance, time and new life experiences do not change how much fun you have when you get together. We are thinking our next gathering should include the husband's. I am thinking somewhere warm and tropical.

Disney on Ice

Remington has a love of Disney characters and when Disney on Ice came to Salt Lake we decided to take him. Some of the characters in the show he didn't know and others he went bonkers over. Here he is with his Dad watching the show with his new Mickey Mouse toy.


Our first big snow of the season happened in November and this year was the first time that Remington was actually old enough to enjoy playing in it.
It actually snowed on a Sunday morning, so before church we went outside and built a snowman and let Remington jump in the snow piles.

Bringing Sexy Back

Michael started working out with a personal trainer towards the end of last year. Turns out the personal trainer is a family friend from Michigan--Ann Carluccio. She works at the gym we have a membership at and when Michael decided he wanted to "get his sexy back" he turned to Ann for help. I must say and I am a little bias because he is my husband, but he looks amazing. Hopefully Ann can do a number on my post pregnancy body after our little one is born. I am so proud of Michael. With everything he has on his plate--not getting home till 10:30 or 11:00 at night--he gets up at 6:30 to go work out. I do not have that discipline.

The Polar Express & Temple Square & Baking Cookies

Before Christmas the church that we attend had a wonderful Christmas program and did a Polar Express theme, which was great for the little ones. You were encouraged to wear your pajamas and come ride the imaginary Polar Express while you had breakfast.
We also were able to go to Temple Square and see the lights. We went with Michael's family and had such a great time. Below are a few pcitures from the evening. It was so cold.

Remington and I baked cookies for all of our neighbors--Danish Wedding cookies without the nuts.

Four Years

Michael and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary in December. To celebrate we went out to dinner and then spent the evening at The Grand America. My lovely step-sister Brandi and her husband offered to watch Remington.

Spreading Christmas Cheer

For Christmas, we had several special guests from North Carolina join us. My mom, my brother Dustin and my nephew Dylan were able to come out for a week and spend time with us. I have to tell you it was weird to have a house bubbling with noise and people. One fun thing we did while they were here was go to Disneyland. We piled in the car and drove down to Southern California--what a fun ride it was pregnant! We just happened to go to Disneyland on one of the days that they literally closed the park because it was too full. While we had fun, I must say I enjoy Disneyland a lot more when there are less people. Disneyland employees were having to do traffic control during daylight--it was insane to walk anywhere and it was insane to ride any rides. I think we stood in line for at least an hour to ride Dumbo and that was at 8:45 in the morning. To ride Space Mountain, Michael and Dylan waited about three hours. Overall memories were made and it was an experience to see my Mom out and about with all of those people, she usually likes to stick close to home.