Thursday, July 17, 2008

In My Mind I'm Going To Carolina!

That's right kids! Remington and I are leaving to embark on a journey to North Carolina this afternoon. We are both super excited--Remington can't wait to go play in the Massengil's pool and slobber on Cousin David. Liz can't wait to be with the people who know and love her the best! And Southern Food doesn't hurt either, but hey I can't get too excited as I have a super sexy mama weight goal to obtain by the end of hte year or sooner if I really want to challenge myself... Just a little HAPPY FYI on the super sexy mama weight front--I have lost a little more than 40 pounds since the monkey arrived. I know that is like a 6 year old kid I have lost and boy I hope I never find that kid again! Only 20 more to go and I may be the lucky winner of a brand-new wardrobe compliments of Hubby So Sexy! Last night we went to GAP and of course I hit up the sale rack--and to my surprise I have dropped yet another clothing size. I am telling you South Beach works--it would work even better if I would actually stick to you. I think I have only literally followed the rules with that diet for like 2 weeks in the past 2 months, but limiting sugar and carbs is where it is at! So long Mac and CHeese--hello turkey sandiwches w/ out hte bread!

Oh and Reagan is getting married.... Ya'll all know my BFF from days in Caswell--she is marrying Casey in January, so another great excuse for Remington and I to fly the friendly skies (also known as do not bring a bag if you do you will be charged an additional $25 even though your ticket was like $800 and you have to sit next to a stinky fat man)...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Growing up way too fast!

This week has been exciting--Remy turned 4 months old and had his first taste of rice cereal! He LOVES eating rice cereal, he just opens his mouth super big and goes for it. And in the end I have jsut about as much cereal in my hair and on my shirt as he gets in his mouth.

The other day Michael called me at work and told me, "Remy, is growing up way too fast. He isnt' a newborn anymore." That statement couldn't be more true. Remy is less like a newborn and more like our buddy now. He laughs and coos and smiles and has his own unique personality that is so freakin adorable. (MOTHERS KEEP YOUR DAUGHTERS IN DOORS BECAUSE REMY IS SO FREAKIN CUTE THAT YOU DAUGHTERS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESIST HIM) Okay, well maybe they can resist him if he forgets his manners and passes gas--oh that is another thing! This little man has big boy gas that is loud and STINKY! I always think that it is Michael and it always ends up being Remington!

Check out our photo collage above...
Remington eating corn (Well not really, but he moved his gums up and down the corn cob. He loved it!)
Michael's friend from Thailand came to visit. Here we are with her and her son at Pizza Factory.
Remington with his Daddy on Father's Day, he loved the bow!