Tuesday, April 15, 2008

North Carolina Blessings....

Little Remington is a world traveler and he can't even say daddy yet! Last week Remy took his first plane ride to Grammy Mae Dean's house in North Carolina. He was such a good boy and didnt' even need a bottle as the plane took off and landed. (I tell you what--this little man is an angel) While in North Carolina Remy was introduce to "The Road" and all the folks... I think his favorite part was being pulled apart by his cousin David (only 4 1/2 months older).

While in North Carolina Remington was blessed at church by his daddy! His daddy did a dang good job. The plan was to have Remy wear an outfit that one of his uncle's wore when they were blessed. Check him out trying on Derek's blessing outfit... Remy is busting out of the buttons like a fat baby should!
He tried on all of the outfits and none of them fit his chubby little thights---or so we thought. So Grandma #2 Myra went and bought him this gorgeous blessing outfit (known in the South and probably everywhere other than Utah as a Christening outfit), but when we tried it on him it was a tad bit too big. So we retried one of my brother's outfits and it magically fit--Grandma Mae Dean didn't know how to put it on correctly the first time. Ha Ha... So Remy wore a nice vintage blessing outfit.

Here is a photo of the proud mom and pop!

Remy also hung out with his great grandpa aldridge. He and Curry have very length conversations about what it takes to live 98 years. Ann kept saying "There is 98 years between Remy and Grandpa. Isn't that amazing."


lesliejenkins said...

It was so good to see yall last week!! I'm so excited that you have already updated your blog! Keep up the good work girl!! I miss yall so much. Tell Michael to keep working on his 10 year plan to get you back out here in NC!!

pagefamily said...

I can't believe there are 98 years between them! Had to say it one more time!!!! Just to get on Leslie's nerves. So good to see you all- I LOVE Remy- he is my new crush!
Love ya'll

JON & EM said...

Lizzy he is so stinkin' cute!! I so wish I could see him and smooch those fat little cheeks!! And it sounds like Mike properly used the term "white trash". It's always so pleasent coming to the south! :)

Laverne said...

Great work.