Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yep--he got it!

Yep, Remington has the H1N1 flu. We took him to the emergency room Saturday night because he was running a temp of 103 and we couldn't break it. After 2 hours the doctor told us that he has the h1n1 and gave us anti-viral prescription. We are about 5 days in and Remy is doing fine, his fever has finally stopped for the time being.

After days of having his temperature taken, Remington decided he wanted to care for him Elmo. Here are a few pictures of his doctor skills. He even knows to look at it after he is done. Seriously could our child get any smarter?

Speaking of smart. Remington can sing his ABC's to the letter G. He knows just about everyone in our families name. Hearing him say Michael is priceless. And he can sing several songs with Bumble Bee, Happy Birthday and Popcorn Popping being his favorites. He also knows a variety of objects, when we are out in stores he will tell me what color things are. Considering he has a mom and dad that are home very little--he is doing well.


Jenny May McKim said...

Yikes... I am glad he is doing well..
We are hoping to get the twins their shot tomorrow if the line ups are not too crazy that the babies go too crazy. They are barely old enough and had a hard time deciding if they should but in the end.. They are getting the shot!

Emilie said...

I love this, especially the second shot. see you guys this weekend!