Friday, April 18, 2008

Stop Being a Baby

This past week Michael has cracked me up with his parenting skills. Whenever Remy starts crying Michael turns to him and says, "Son, stop being a baby."

Stop being a baby? Is he kidding me, I think he has forgotten that the little one is only 7 weeks old and advanced for his age. (Show me another 7 week old who can roll over--that is right he rolled over on his own this morning after he took a jog around the block) Telling Remy to stop being a baby is the worst parenting advice I think we can give to the little chump considering his life span on earth so far.

I think a better parenting line to use on Remy would be, "Remy girls cry and you are not a girl so stop crying."

Oh the joys of parenthood!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Public Display of Gross!

While travelling the friendly skies we came upon a few flying objects that resembled GROSS! The first was in Raleigh where we loaded the plane behind a couple who had no sense of covering up. I am a mom and I breastfeed and sometimes you have to do it in public, but you do not have to do it in public and basically walk around in front of everyone showing off your goods or in this case your gross. This lady was up and walking around in front of everyone w/out a blanket with her belly showing everywhere breast feeding what looked like a 40 pound white bear!Honey let me give you some advice from one breastfeeding mother to the next--DO NOT walk around in a public place with your goods hanging out and your stomach exposed like it is spring break in Cancun. Not even your 40 pound white bear would appreciate it in the long run. Michael used one of my favorite words to describe this ladies shenanigans--white trash! (I tried to take a photo so you would be able to see this for yourself, but I couldn't get my camera out fast enough.

My second display of gross came on our flight to SLC when this gigantic boy sat beside us and he proceeded to eat his pretzels with his mouth open. I do not think I have ever seen someone chomp so hard on pretzels and leave their mouth open as wide as my hips. He was a respectable looking lad until he ate with his mouth open, come on it is 2008 and proper eating guidelines have been around since the cavemen--please comply.

And last but not least please do not mistake the airplane, airport or any other public location as your bedroom. This couple in front of us basically got it on in front of us for 3 hours on the plane. Come on we learned in elementary to keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves at all times. Please comply or I may be forced to publicy tell you to get a room!

North Carolina Blessings....

Little Remington is a world traveler and he can't even say daddy yet! Last week Remy took his first plane ride to Grammy Mae Dean's house in North Carolina. He was such a good boy and didnt' even need a bottle as the plane took off and landed. (I tell you what--this little man is an angel) While in North Carolina Remy was introduce to "The Road" and all the folks... I think his favorite part was being pulled apart by his cousin David (only 4 1/2 months older).

While in North Carolina Remington was blessed at church by his daddy! His daddy did a dang good job. The plan was to have Remy wear an outfit that one of his uncle's wore when they were blessed. Check him out trying on Derek's blessing outfit... Remy is busting out of the buttons like a fat baby should!
He tried on all of the outfits and none of them fit his chubby little thights---or so we thought. So Grandma #2 Myra went and bought him this gorgeous blessing outfit (known in the South and probably everywhere other than Utah as a Christening outfit), but when we tried it on him it was a tad bit too big. So we retried one of my brother's outfits and it magically fit--Grandma Mae Dean didn't know how to put it on correctly the first time. Ha Ha... So Remy wore a nice vintage blessing outfit.

Here is a photo of the proud mom and pop!

Remy also hung out with his great grandpa aldridge. He and Curry have very length conversations about what it takes to live 98 years. Ann kept saying "There is 98 years between Remy and Grandpa. Isn't that amazing."